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were i can find the key?

I honestly don't know. I have options for steam keys on and there are keys available.

I dont wanna sound like a dick but this is kind of a nasty move:
on itch posting a game, claiming that it is reduced from 5$ to 0$, so claiming that it is currently free to get.

well, when you download the game, open the zip and double click the file in there, it wont start the game. It will bring you to the game's steam page where it is sold normally for 4$, currently for 0,49$.

Long story short, the supposed free download jsut bring you to the steam page where the game isnt free (although not expensive either).

jsut saying. dont like this method there...


Hi, I wasn't aware of this issue, it should be fixed now if you try to download it again.

If you claimed the game, you should also get an option to get a steam key with no charge.

I hope it resolves the issue.